The X-Files is Officially Returning to Television

TheXFilesFox is officially green-lighting a six episode event series of the classic Nineties tv series starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, both of whom are returning to their respective roles along with series creator/executive producer Chris Carter. While it remains purely speculative, it is rumored that series writer Vince Gilligan, who later went on to make the extremely popular Breaking Bad, will also return in some capacity.

The X-Files, though of a time and place, was one of the most fascinating and well-written science fiction dramas of the Nineties, and while many have tried to play on its paranormal success in recent years, no one has really done it quite as well as Carter and Co. did originally. The show ran for 9 seasons from 1993 until 2002. The franchise also has two films to its name, though the second feature was a failure in almost all regards. Both Anderson and Duchovny have managed to have rather solid careers in their post-X-File lives, though neither have really been able to escape the characters that made them household names. It will be very exciting to see what comes of this and whether it may lead to future explorations of government conspiracies and alien encounters in the years that follow. The truth is out there (… sorry…).


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