Don’t Call It A Comeback – Blur and Violent Femmes Release First New Material in More than a Decade


What a cool time for retro-music lovers and kids of the nineties. Within the last two weeks, we have received new material from both Blur and the Violent Femmes. It has been more than 10 years since we have had new tracks from either of these two groups, Blur’s Think Tank (2003) and Violent Femmes’ Freak Magnet (2000). In the case of the Violent Femmes, there is no new album on the way. The band, who had broken up from 2009 to 2013, will instead release four songs on vinyl in April, though the first track is freely available on Soundcloud. With Blur, the band intends to release their first studio album in 12 years on April 27, currently titled The Magic Whip.


The Violent Femmes

Check out the first new tracks from both bands below:

Violent Femmes, “Love Love Love Love Love”

Blur, “Lonesome Street”

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