Hellblade Development Diary Shows the Pains of Getting Ready for E3

hellblade1I love the candidness that Ninja Theory is displaying in their development diaries for their forthcoming new IP, Hellblade. Developers of DMC, Heavenly Sword, and one of my favourite games from last gen, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Ninja Theory has a tremendous pedigree when it comes to character focused hack and slash games. They approach the medium with artistry and  ambition, and as such, Hellblade is one of my most anticipated games on the PS4.

With Hellblade, the developers have chosen to remain wholly independent throughout the process. Unlike most indie developers however, Ninja Theory is not retiring from the AAA model of game development they have made their name on. Having such a small team, they have had to utilize surgical precision in their development of the game, or face the consequences of not meeting key strategic deadlines. The attached developer diary shows the pains that such a small team has to go through to create a 15 minute vertical slice for this years coming E3. It is honest about the developers various failures and their ambitions and it is a great watch.

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