Greetings Geeks!

Here are ten songs that will change your week!
Have a band/song you feel should be included in this weekly list? Comments and suggestions are always welcomed at refinedgeekerymusty@gmail.com or by commenting on these posts!

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Hey Rosetta – Trish’s Song

Låpsley – Hurt Me

Panic is Perfect – Go Go Go

Karen O – I Shall Rise

The Chainsmokers – Let You Go

Damien Rice – Rootless Tree

Puscifer – The Remedy

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – The Trouble With Us

Houndsmouth – Say It

Cage the Elephant – Mess Around

2 responses to “10 SONGS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR WEEK 11/17/2015

  1. Touche! I have been a Damien Rice song for 7 years now and Rootless Tree STILL impacts me like it did the first time I saw him in Dublin! What a well picked set of ten songs! Agree mates! Gonna share this!

    • I’ve seen Damein Rice four times now, and I completely appreciate how much a song like Rootless Tree impacts someone. Thanks for sharing your comment and for reading the blog. What artists have you been listening to these days?

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