Short Film Friday: Stream of Doubts (Dir.: Joseph Catté)

Stream of Doubts - Stills (31)Stream of Doubts is a beautiful film, superbly acted, and oozing with atmosphere both in its camera work and score. Through its nine short minutes, I found myself emotionally drawn in to its mystery (one I dare not spoil) as a young woman grapples with her sense of self-worth. The story examines personal relevancy in an interesting way. It asks the questions that we all ask in our darkest moments, though the response is it has to give is not what you would expect.

The film has only two actors, Pauline Helly and Nouritza Emmanuelian, and both deliver gripping and raw performances. Specifically, Helly’s tortured and anguish filled testimony toward loneliness is so captivating that I almost felt guilty of voyeurism, watching from some detached point-of-view as she simply breaks down.

The film is written and directed by Joseph Catté, who aside from one other short entitled “Get Wild”, has been deeply involved in the world of visual effects. It is a strange background considering this film’s more grounded, almost theatre-like aesthetic: two persons, separated by a phone line, have a conversation about the meaning of existence. There are effects on display, but they are subtle. It may actually be this background that has taught him a reserved philosophy toward film making. Indeed, it is the film’s reserved style that gives Stream of Doubts its impact when the story takes its specific turns. Catté shows a maturity of film making that can only leave you wanting more from this director.

Please watch the short below.

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