Joking Hazard: Cyanide and Happiness Goes Tabletop!

JokingHazardI have already professed my love of web comic series Cyanide and Happiness, as well as my love for R-rated tabletop games, so the idea that the two of these concepts are going to magically combine into one glorious explosion of table-top vulgarity is like sweet sweet music to my ears! From their web panels, to their books, and on to their Youtube shorts, Cyanide and Happiness have quickly become the all-stars of edgy internet comedy. As modern adult-oriented tabletop gaming takes off then, it only makes sense that these evil-minded individuals enter that space.

Joking Hazard has a simple premise: 3 cards, one randomly selected from a draw pile, one selected by the judge, and a third selected by all players create the basic three frame structure of your average Cyanide and Happiness cartoon. Which players card is the funniest or most inappropriate is to the discretion of the judge. Think Cards Against Humanity but with Cyanide’s penchant for the dramatically offensive.

The game is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, and though it has 27 days to go at the time of writing this, it has already far surpassed it’s goal of a measly $10,000 (currently $620,000), ensuring that we all have the chance to play in the near future.

Check out the Kickstarter here, and their pitch video below:

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