The Seinfeld Reunion That Could Have Been, Brought to you by Topher Grace

SeinfeldAs a bunch of easily manipulated Generation-X’ers scream over the concept of Fuller House, I cannot help but love the reunion that wasn’t that came out of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s 7th Season Seinfeld Reunion. In a move of creative honesty (versus the former’s creative bankruptcy), the effect of Season 7 gave enough of a payoff for long time Seinfeld fans without fully devolving into shameful nostalgia-driven masturbation. All of those little bits and pieces were perfect as they teased the wonderful dynamic shared by all of the performers, and yet were honed in by the greater narrative of Larry David’s narcissistic attempt to reacquire his past love interest. It was more than enough to erase that sour taste many viewers had with the series finale (which I still hold up as brilliant).

Well out of nowhere, Topher Grace, who has in no way any relation whatsoever to Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, has taken it upon himself to reconstitute all of those disparate pieces of dialogue, rehearsals, and some modest scenes, into a 10 minute mini-Seinfeld reunion episode. The effect is actually quite haunting as it constructs a relatively strong narrative arc. Some of the pieces were not filmed for the show – instead taking place around table readings. To make those scenes work, Grace added the dialogue over still frames of the characters speaking, ala radio plays or podcasts on Youtube. It is wonderful to see this all together and now it has me as enthralled for a true reunion as all of those people I made fun of at the beginning of this article. God damn Topher, what have you done? What have I become???

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