New Podcast!!! Reserve Judgement – Episode 1: ASMR

Are there things that you enjoy that you just don’t think your friends would understand? That is the point of this new podcast, Reserve Judgement, a safe space for people to admit the weird and unorthodox things they love free of shame and judgement. In this, the inaugural episode, I confess my love of ASMR as a holistic relaxation device while my friend and compatriot Kayla tries to get me to admit that I have taken on a creepy new fetish.

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for those who don’t know, is a new craze on Youtube where people make weird brushing and tapping noises in front of a camera – most often with a 3D microphone for a full auditory experience. These can take the form of simple layered sounds or roll-plays. These sounds induce tingling feelings throughout ones head and back and have been called by some a ‘brain orgasm’.

So what say you? Is this just a new form of relaxation? Or have I dived deep into kink territory without even knowing? Listen to our arguments and discuss? Who knows, maybe ASMR is just what you need in life? We won’t judge.

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