Alt-J Announce a New Album, Release 3WW

Some super happy music news in the world of Tom (that’s me) this week! While the indie music scene is freaking out about a new track from Fleet Foxes (which is amazing, don’t get me wrong), what has got me pumped is that Alt-J has announced that they have a new album coming out this June, Relaxer. With the announcement came the release of a new song as well titled 3WW (Alt-J tends to have strange names for their songs, it’s all kind of part of their pastiche!)

Alt-J came out of nowhere for me. I totally missed their first album. I may have heard Breezeblocks on the radio a couple of times. It was 2012 after all so radio was still somewhat part of my life. And when their sophomore album arrived in 2014, I listened to Left Hand Free more than a couple of times, but I don’t think I fully understood who Alt-J were. And then I saw them live. They were the second last act on the second day of Osheaga, a music festival in Montreal, Quebec, and I was entranced. The music was just so different for a lack of a better word. It was melodic and melancholy but not in some new post-emo kind of depressing way. The music had bounce as it broke standard pop conventions. It was still pop-esque, but just bizarre enough to deter a full mainstream audience. Me though? I was converted.

As for the new song, it is everything I described. It is weird and yet poppy. It has it’s hooks and they have grabbed me. So here I am, with bated breath, eagerly anticipating Relaxer. June can’t come quickly enough.

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