Watches, Watches, Watches!

Yesterday, in a post on CES 2013, I highlighted the Kickstarter funded Pebble watch, a “smart watch” that tells you the time, controls the volume of your music, and gives you notifications related to your iPhone and/or Android devices (Sorry BlackBerry users…). Smart watches are a growing phenomenon in the tech industry and the world of wrist fashions (is that a thing?) so it had me curious as to what other awesome watch designs are being created out there.

Here are just some of the awesome watches I have been able to find:

Smart Watches

Like the concept of the Pebble but prefer a much more traditional looking watch? The Cookoo Connected Watch from ConnecteDevice Ltd may be what you are after. Through the Cookoo, you can receive notifications from your bluetooth-enabled smartphone, alerting you of  messages, emails, incoming calls, calendar reminders, and more through visual icons on the watch face. The Cookoo Watch, like The Pebble, is a successful kickstarter project and now you can buy one for only 129.99 to 249.99 at their Cookoo store here. (via Gear Hungry)

Style over Substance

But what if you don’t want a smart watch. What if all you want is a stylish watch that tells the time in creative ways. Well we have watches for that as well.

Currently titled the CST-01, Central Standard Time is creating the world’s thinnest watch. Another Kickstarter, the CST-01 has already been backed by twice the amount of money it was aiming for and it still has over a month left in its campaign. The watch is only 0.8 mm thin and uses e-ink for its display. It kind of looks like a slap bracelet (Sadly it does not have slap bracelet technology built in), and is available in white and black varieties. The watch has not gone to market yet, but if you feel like joining in on their kickstarter campaign, visit their website for information here. (via Cool Things)

Another fascinating entry into the unique watch category is the QLOCKTWO Watch from Biegert and Funk. Within its square face, the Qlocktwo has 110 letters and gives you the time through phrases like ‘It is half past twelve” (as seen in the picture to the left). With a click of the button, the display turns into a calendar, or in its secondary time function, can give you seconds. The watch is actually based on a clock design that B&F has had on the market for a bit now, but this is their first foray into wearable time pieces.

Now the QLocktwo is not a cheap watch. Currently the watch sells at a price of $725 US at the Biegert and Funk store, but don’t let that stop you. You may become the coolest person in the room to be asked “What time is it?” Visit the Biegert and Funk store here (via Uncrate)

Minimalists Rejoice

Finally, a fun little minimalist watch from the people at Nonlinear. The Slip Watch has no markings to inform you of the time, only an hour and minute hand and a slightly tilted clock face. To quote the Nonlinear website: “its skewed posture makes the watch appear to be slipping off the band, like a moment caught in time; a poetic commentary the passing of time.” Uniquely, however, the band crosses the watch face at both the 9 and 12 placings giving the watch some reference after all. The watch runs about $200 and can be purchased at the Nonlinear website here. (via Gear Hungry)


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