The Adam Sessler Story: From TV Personality to Web Host Extroardinaire

The day Adam Sessler left X-Play was the day that I essentially left X-Play. Oh sure, I stayed around for their E3 coverage in 2012, but really from the April 25th (the day Adam was fired from G4) on, I never really cared about what X-Play had to say on games. Don’t get me wrong, I like Morgan Webb a lot, but without Adam, and with Blair Herter in his place, I never felt the same sense of enjoyment out of the show. Sessler, in my opinion, has been (and remains) one of the strongest voices/intellectuals in terms of giving gaming greater credibility as an acceptable form of entertainment.

Since leaving the show, X-Play has been cancelled (along with its sister show “Attack of the Show”), and coming this April, the network will be re-branded as The Esquire Network, after its acquisition by the magazine of the same name. As of right now, Morgan and Blair are unattached but are very active in social media form, particularly Twitter.

Kotaku has written a great article on Adam’s rise and fall with Tech TV, later named G4 Tech TV, and then later simply G4, and how he came to find new hope on the internet at Rev3Games. I won’t repost the whole article because it is totally worth stopping over at Kotaku, but I had to shine a light on certain highlights:

On when G4 acquired Tech TV

“By the same time the following year, Sessler and his team knew G4 was taking over. And when G4 took over, they gutted X-Play and laid off a ton of staff.

‘It was… I wouldn’t say handled well,’ Sessler said. ‘Unfortunately, it did not endear us to our new employers at the outset. I think that’s something that, had it been handled better, a lot of things may have been different.'”

On the day he was fired

“I asked [the execs] how it was that this rumor had been going on for months,” Sessler said. “I just thought it was disrespectful that they couldn’t maintain the professionalism to just keep this thing—you know, it was just humiliating. And then it occurred to me that it was only me, and I was going to be gone. And I walked out of that building and I never returned.”

(Adam Sessler’s last taping as he see’s he is about to be fired)

On working with Rev3Games

“I can just be more personable. When I’m conducting an interview, I don’t have that thing in the back of my head that this is gonna be cut down to three minutes. I like asking the questions that aren’t about the game—more about the philosophy of the game, the challenges in trying to make the game the way it was. I can just feel like, getting excited, doing these interviews. It’s how I want it to be—not having that time restriction.”

Check out the full article over at Kotaku.

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