Short Film Friday: Let’s Play Nomad X (Dir: Kristian Andrews)



UPDATE: In honour of my conversation with Kristian Andrews and Sam Chester of Owlbear Studios regarding their current Steam Project Greenlight game Barbara-Ian, I want everyone to re-watch the short film that introduced me to Kristian’s awesome creativity. Check out my original post below:


In an idea so awesome it was inevitable, short film maker Kristian Andrews has put together a delightful fusion of narrative story telling with the cultural phenomenon of Let’s Play videos. The central character takes us into a bleak existential space where game mirrors life and an ambush from space pirates is all to similar to a lost love’s asshole fiance coming out of nowhere and cold-cocking you in the throat.  The end result? Oxygen deprivation… floating in an eternal vacuum. It is really heavy, heady stuff that the medium of Let’s Play translates brilliantly.

I can see the use of Lets Plays becoming more and more of a narrative force in the future, like machinima before it. It is interesting how video games open up so many alternative and unique forms and opportunities of story telling outside of their original purpose. This is a must watch!

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