Streaming with the Devs: Barbara-Ian (Owlbear Studios)

barbaraian_hero This past weekend I was incredibly privileged to spend some time with the guys at Owlbear Studios to discuss their first game, Barbara-Ian. Sam Chester and Kristian Andrews, who some of you may remember from a short film we highlighted last year entitled “Let’s Play Nomad X” are a great grass-roots crew and it was an absolute joy getting to connect with them about the creative process. The game, a top-down procedurally generated dungeon-crawler, is relentlessly difficult and yet very very addictive. Think Diablo crossed with Flappy Bird. The game is currently on Project Greenlight on Steam so head on over and give it a thumbs up. Also, make sure to check out Let’s Play Nomad X, a fascinating short that uses the Let’s Play template as a way to explore relationships and heartbreak. Barbara-Ian

Check out our conversation below:

Streaming with the Devs is brought to you through our partner site OP Noobs. Thanks to Fred for setting this whole thing up.

Note: Sorry about any awkwardness at the beginning of the discussion. This was my first interview!

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